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Accountant in Schaumburg


Whether you require monthly, quarterly or annual accounting support we will work with you to ensure your financial needs are being addressed and your goals are being achieved.



Reduce your overhead by outsourcing your bookkeeping needs. We will handle this critical but time-consuming function on-site or off-site.

Payroll Solutions


We eliminate the need for a full-time payroll specialist by taking care of all the time-consuming administrative tasks, including check processing, direct deposit, W-2 processing, and payroll tax filing.



We are QuickBooks ProAdvisors meaning we can help you not only setup QuickBooks, but train you and provide ongoing assistance as needed.

Kind Words From Our Clients

“We were in desperate need of professional accounting and accounting software assistance. Susan Mairo, CPA was easy to speak with, informative and patient. Every time or anytime we needed help, or had a question(s) her firm has been there for us, which is impressive and very satisfying. Their recommendations to our company have had an immediate impact on operations and our taxes and finances.” Bob Carlson

President, Pearl Design Group, LLC

Recent Blog Posts

20% Deduction for Pass-Through Entity Owners and Investors in Real Estate

Included in the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” that takes effect for years 2018-2025, is the Section 199A which is known as the 20% Deduction for Pass-Through Entity Owners and Investors in Real Estate.  The following are eligible to take advantage of Section 199A: Sole proprietorships S corporations Partnerships Multiple-member LLCs treated as parnerships Schedule E real estate investors Trust and estates with an interest in a pass-through entity Qualified cooperatives Real estate investment trusts The 20% Deduction works as follows in its most basic form: Deduction is 20% of “qualified business income(QBI) from a partnership, S corporation or sole proprietorship QBI is the net amount of items of income, gain, deduction and loss with respect to a trade or business Business must be conducted within the United States Single individual with taxable income of $157,500 or less and $315,000 or less for Married Filing Joint may take the Section 199A. Above these thresholds the rules become more complicated and not all trades or businesses are eligible to take the Section 199A. If you would like to learn more about this tax strategy, please call Susan at... read more